Technology in Sports in the UK

Technology in sports is the knowledge and use of the latest modern technologies and various specialized equipment to perform different tasks more efficiently. Technology in sports in the UK has had a major impact in sporting activities in the modern day where IT Technology is rather important.

Assisting the Referees/ Umpires

Most professional sports in the UK have long relied on instant replay and other technologies to help umpires/ referees make the right decision. But one professional sport Continue reading

The Importance Of Sports At School In The UK

Sports at school in the UK play a prominent role in English life. The government puts a lot of emphasize in sports from primary schools to middle schools up to the higher education and vocational training levels. Popular sports in UK are football, cricket and rugby and the major individual sports include tennis, cycling, swimming, badminton and athletics. The English sport has a strong rivalry with Scottish and Australian sport. The PE and sport premium is created to assist primary schools to improve the quality and encourage participation of the sporting activities they provide their pupils. The government sets aside Continue reading